Biofuels Switzerland is the official association of the Swiss biofuels industry. The association was founded on 23 August 2007 and has its office in Sissach BL.


Biofuels Switzerland represents the interests of the entire sector and its members vis-à-vis the authorities, politicians and market participants.
Biofuels Switzerland participates in consultation procedures on behalf of its members and the sector and provides services for its members in the areas of public relations, politics, communication, information exchange and advice.
As an industry association, Biofuels Switzerland defines and publishes standards, guidelines and certification principles. In doing so, it cooperates closely with related organisations and industry associations in the energy sector at national and international level.


Another main task is the operation of the Biofuels Switzerland programme for the purpose of pooling the CO₂ reductions achieved through biofuels. 0063 Biofuels Switzerland. Biofuels Switzerland is currently developing a biogenic fuels programme in collaboration with Avenergy Suisse and Carbura.
Furthermore, quality assurance of biofuels is an important issue. The association therefore carries out bi-annual quality surveys of biodiesel and produces training documents for tank farms. Biofuels Switzerland is also a member of the Swiss Association for Standardisation (SNV) and actively participates in standardisation projects. Further information can be found in the chapter on standards. In addition, the association's own certification system BTCert verifies the ecological and social requirements of biofuels.


Werner Ramon 
Oel Pool AG

Frei Ueli
Vice President
Biofuels Switzerland

Burri René
Swiss Ecovalor AG 

Page Pierre-André
National Council 

Humbel Werner
Recycling Energy Ltd

Schärer Carol
Landor, fenaco Cooperative  

Joerin Gianluca
Suter, Joerin AG

Villiger Stephan

Grin Jean-Pierre
National Council


Joss Martin
Managing Director 

Strübin Dominic
Project Manager

Williner Chantal


The Biofuels Switzerland Association has around 90 members. These are mainly traders, importers and producers. The rest of the members are companies and individuals who support the association in its goals, such as political goals, product quality and increasing sales.
Below you will find the current list of members.

List of members


Biofuels Switzerland
Swiss Biofuels Association
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