In Switzerland, Alcotra SA, Alicohre Sàrl, BF Commodities SA, Landor and Varo Energy AG import bioethanol based on waste from agriculture and forestry. The main sales are the blending of 5 % bioethanol with unleaded 95 petrol. The market for E85 is stagnating. E10 is not yet available in Switzerland.

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Bioethanol serves as a substitute for conventional petrol, whereby a non-declarable blending ratio of 5 % is common in Switzerland and a declarable blending ratio of 10 % in the EU. Higher blending ratios require approval by the vehicle manufacturer.

On the website you can check whether your vehicle is suitable for E10.

For a long time, bioethanol was produced exclusively from maize, sugar cane and sugar beet. This was strongly criticised because of the competition with food and animal feed, but also because of the poor environmental balance. Today, bioethanol is increasingly produced from residues such as straw, wood or grain waste. In addition to a better ecological balance, this also eliminates the competition problem.


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