4th Biofuels Industry Day - Presentations

10 November 2022

The industry day on 9 November 2022 was once again held in Bubendorf. Almost 120 participants took part in the event.

We look forward to welcoming you next year on 15 November 2023 at our next industry day.

Below you will find the list of participants and the presentations of our speakers:

List of participants / liste des participants Branchentag Biofuels 2022

Dr Reto Burkard - FOEN - Topic: Climate protection - what next?

Angel Alvarez Alberdi - EWABA Brussels - Topic: The future of waste-based and advanced biofuels

Matthias Braun - Saudi Aramco Paris - Topic: The future of synfuels

Dr Richard Wicht - AGQM - Topic: B10 on the road and B30 on the water

Ramon Werner - Oel-Pool AG - Topic: Switzerland's last oil trader

Floriane Küpfer - BAZG- Topic: Mineral oil tax

16 September 2022

Climate policy: Federal Council adopts dispatch on revised CO₂ Act

Fuel importers: Compensation obligation and renewable fuels

Importers of petrol and diesel must continue to offset part of the CO₂ emissions of these fuels with climate measures, now with a maximum rate of up to 90 %. Importers can also offset their emissions with climate protection projects abroad. With the conclusion of various bilateral agreements, Switzerland has created the conditions for this. The maximum surcharge that fuel importers can charge for this at the pump remains unchanged at 5 centimes per litre of petrol and diesel. Importers are to reduce 5 to 10 % of CO₂ emissions from fuels directly by putting renewable fuels on the market. At the same time, the mineral oil tax relief will be continued until 2030.

Media release from 16.09.2022


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