8th practical day with the ZHAW Wädenswil

26 March 2024

Many thanks to Landor, fenaco Genossenschaft and TAU Tanklager Auhafen AG.

Yesterday, for the 8th time, Biofuels Switzerland was able to hold a teaching day for the students of the module "Biomass as a Resource" at the ZHAW Wädenswil for prospective environmental engineers. It proved to be a good idea to hold this practical input not in the classroom, but outside by the fuel tanks. With over 1 billion litres litres per year, the tank farm near Basel is an important hub for Switzerland's energy supply.

In addition to the tour of the tank farm, there was also a theory block on the current market situation, the revision of the CO₂ Act and CO₂ compensation. Many questions were asked and exciting discussions were held. The students of the module "Biomass as a Resource" are in the last year of their FH bachelor studies and appreciated the insight into the important energy sector. It was an interesting day for both sides.


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