Approvals for B10 diesel fuel

12 April 2024

Approvals for engines and vehicles for operation with B10 diesel fuel in accordance with DIN EN 16734

From summer 2024, petrol stations in Germany will be allowed to offer B10 in addition to B7, i.e. diesel fuel to which up to 10 % biodiesel is blended. This raises the question for many vehicle owners as to whether they can refuel their vehicle with B10 as well as B7. The use of B10 enables many millions of diesel vehicles that are approved for B10 to make an immediate and efficient contribution to climate protection.

These approvals give you an overview of which passenger cars, commercial vehicles, mobile machinery and engines can be operated with B10 without any problems due to the manufacturer's approval. The following approvals essentially reflect the overview of approved vehicles - Link to E10 compatibility ( - which was compiled by Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT).

Source: B10 approvals :: AGQM (


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