Fuels of the Future 2023

26 January 2023

20th International Congress for Renewable Mobility 'Fuels of the Future

The international congress "Fuels of the Future" is the leading event for the German, European and international biofuel industry and at the same time an important discussion forum for the development of renewable mobility. This year, over 700 participants are on site in Berlin.

It is important that the government does not only focus on electromobility as the only solution, but also considers the potentials of sustainable biofuels. These make an important contribution to reducing CO₂ emissions from fossil fuels, said Artur Auernhammer.

It is also time to invest in the upscaling of sustainable technologies such as hydrogen and e-fuels. These offer great potential for use in aviation, shipping and road transport. Only by using all available technologies and resources can we achieve holistic and sustainable mobility, Oliver Luksic elaborated.

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