AGM Biofuels Switzerland - 21 June 2023

4 October 2023

We had the pleasure of holding our 16th General Assembly in the beautiful Lenzburg Castle in the canton of Aargau on Wednesday, 21 June 2023. At the beginning, the rain kept our participants a bit on their toes and one or the other had a wet chill on the ascent to the castle.

Inside the castle there is a beautiful ambience: the well-tended castle garden, the old walls with their view around Lenzburg, the sophisticated Knights' Hall and last but not least an interesting guided tour through the castle museum.

The General Assembly was held swiftly. Afterwards, Peter was also kind to us and we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch in the garden in bright sunshine. Many interesting conversations and personal exchanges took place in the garden.

Many thanks to our esteemed members and guests for their numerous participation.

16th General Assembly Biofuels Switzerland


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