Review AGM 2024

25 June 2024

17th Annual General Meeting of Biofuels Switzerland

On 19 June 2024, the summer weather arrived just in time for this year's AGM. In hot summer temperatures, our esteemed members greeted each other for the 2024 AGM at the Grand Hôtel Centre Thermal in Yverdon-les-Bains.

The AGM was hosted by our President, Ramon Werner. After a brief welcome to the members and guests, information was provided on current topics in the association, the industry and political issues. The 17th Annual General Meeting was then conducted swiftly.

After a short coffee break, Mrs Andrea Studer from Carbura was able to explain and explain a lot to the audience, mainly on the subject of steam waivers. Many thanks to Andrea Studer for the good and informative presentation.

Jean-Pierre Grin, a member of the Biofuels Switzerland Board for over 10 years and former long-serving National Councillor, decided to retire after giving up his National Council duties last autumn. He has therefore also stepped down from his duties on the Board of the Association as of this year's AGM. Jean-Pierre Grin is now enjoying his time with his wife and family, was and is a passionate winegrower and can also enjoy a few trips with his wife. Ramon Werner and Ueli Frei officially thanked him most sincerely for all his commitment to the association, to the sector and not least at the political level. Jean-Pierre Grin was made an honorary member of Biofuels Switzerland. We wish Jean-Pierre Grin good health and many happy hours with his family. Thank you for all your services et adieu...

The 17th AGM of Biofuels Switzerland ended with cool and refreshing drinks, a buffet and delicious desserts. Many thanks for the numerous participants. After the AGM is before the industry day... We'll see you all again at the 14 November 2024 at our Industry Day 2024 in Bern, Postfinance Arena. A bientôt...


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