Update on bio heating oil

8 April 2024

On 18 March 2024, the marketing day on the topic of bio heating oil took place in Sachgasse? Avenergy Suisse, Biofuels Switzerland and Swissoil invited industry members to the Hotel Arte Olten.

Martin Joss and Dominic Strübin from Biofuels Switzerland have each given a presentation. If you are interested, you are welcome to request these two presentations from us.

Link: Marketing Day 18 March 2024: Bioheating oil at a dead end? (avenergy.ch)

Martin Joss from Biofuels Switzerland recapitulated the long road that the industry has already travelled to bring bio heating oil onto the market.

Dominic Strübin focused on the current status of the bio heating oil programme and the potential of this renewable energy source. 

Source: avenergy.ch in co-operation with Biofuels Switzerland and Swissoil in March 2024


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