Waste oil for the tank

26 March 2024

First climate-friendly petrol station opens in Switzerland

Switzerland's first publicly accessible HVO petrol station opens in Schlieren in March. The diesel fuel available there is largely CO₂-neutral. STREETLIFE spoke to the petrol station operator and explains for whom the synthetic fuel makes sense.

HVO stands for "Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil", or "hydrogenated vegetable oil", from which it was originally obtained. This often refers to old French fry oil from rapeseed or sunflowers. Today, however, other residual or waste materials can also be used to produce the diesel alternative, such as sewage sludge or animal fats from slaughterhouse waste. HVO is compatible with conventional diesel, but has a significantly lower carbon footprint depending on the raw material and production method, which is why it is also known as climate diesel.

Link to the article... Source www.streetlife.ch 22 February 2024


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