Oil prices rise strongly

26 March 2024

Rising prices - Two francs for a litre of petrol: the reasons

The higher oil price is becoming noticeable at the petrol stations. In the medium term, this could encourage motorists to rethink.

Drivers in Switzerland don't like to see the number 2 at petrol stations. The limit has now been reached again. According to the TCS, petrol costs up to 2.05 francs per litre. Diesel is 2.09 francs. However, the regional differences are sometimes significant.

Lorry driver Caner Mindik has just filled up with diesel for 270 francs. "The price should come down a bit," he says. Rosa-Maria Russo also fills up at Shell in Hunzenschwil. She says: "I rely on my car for work. Whether it's expensive or not, I have to fill up."

Black gold increasingly expensive

At the Swiss petrol pumps, you can feel what is happening on the oil markets. Never before this year has black gold been as expensive as it is these days. Brent crude oil reached USD 95.15 per barrel. Prices have risen by around 35 per cent since the beginning of July.

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Source: srf.ch/news/economy


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