Teaching day at the ZHAW

27 January 2021

Practical input for the students

For the 6th time since 2016, Biofuels Switzerland held a training day for prospective environmental engineers thanks to the organisation of Dr Hans-Joachim Nägele from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in Wädenswil. In the "Biogenic energy sources" module, or more recently "Biomass as a resource", the students were presented with up-to-date information on the policy, market and CO2 compensation of biogenic liquid fuels in the morning. Due to Covid-19, the training and discussions were held online via Teams for the first time.

The Auhafen tank terminal (TAU) was also included for the first time for an afternoon block. Teams were given a tour of the tank farm near Basel. Olivier Waldner, Managing Director of TAU, gave a guided tour of the tank farm and provided live commentary on site despite heavy snowfall at times. The students were able to ask questions at any time via Teams.

The students from the module "Biomass as a Resource" are in the last semester of their Bachelor's degree at the University of Applied Sciences. Ulrich Frei's practical inputs and sometimes critical remarks take the students out of the university bubble year after year. This year, too, the budding environmental engineers were able to benefit from the lessons and were particularly impressed by the size of the fuel storage facility.


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